Chatuchak: What to expect from the largest market in Thailand

Chatuchak is the largest market in Thailand and one of the biggest in the world. From apparel and footwear to homeware and puppies, basically you can find there anything your imagination can conceive.

I usually go there once or twice a month and never manage to return home empy handed, but yesterday I bought only one pair of socks, just because I started to think that if a keep up with the same rhytm I will have to fly back home with the cargo airplane ( and rumors are going aroun that it is pretty cold inside :O) ).

Jatujak market ( or JJ market as it is also known amongst the locals ) is open only during the weekend, so if you happen to be in Bangkok I absolutely recommend to spend a full day there. It can be a great experience for the food lovers as well and if you get tired of walking around the 10 000 ( ten thousand ) booths just grab a regenerating foot massage or sit for a tatto session.

Here is a glimpse of what the market offers. I will upload more photos soon otherwise wordpress will ban me. And of course the focus is on clothing and fashion accessories.

  • very very cool!

  • Wow! I want to go to Chatuchak now! What are your favorite items to buy there? What is the price range of these products?

    • The average prices are around 3 – 20 usd. There are also more expensive items of course. I usually buy basic stuff like t-shirts. There are not dressing rooms so you can only guess how something will fit you, and usually I don’t guess well 🙂

  • Seems so interesting. I really want to visit! x

  • I love chatuchak but my god is it dangerous on the bank account. Suddenly I see all these things I never knew I needed.

    • And everything is so cheap that can’t just leave it on the shelf 🙂

  • I am going to Thailand this year and I absolutely LOVE this post! :o! 😀

  • How many days will I need to go through the whole market? And will they be able to find me, when i’m done?

    • It depends on your resistance, one day is enough to see the things you are interested in. If you want to see absolutely everything ( without running ) two days are fine. But this everything includes clothes – new and vintage, art, craft supplies, furniture, homeware, restaurants and bars, antiques, souvenirs, plants and animals..However, I wouldn’t spend more than one day if I’m just visiting Bangkok. And yes, they will find you, there is a map and also some unmistakable references like the clock tower, and BTS (sky train) and MRT (underground) stations.

      • I have no resistance. I am sure they won’t find me. I might be buried under shopping. Thanks a lot. xoxoxo

  • I want this?

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