Bangkok: Moon Glass the Social Bar on Sukhumvit 53

Planted under the inviting shadow of giant old trees in one of the numerous backstreets of Thong Lor, Moon Glass is the perfect refuge to relax and unwind from the bussling delight that is Bangkok.

Being again in the area in the morning I was looking for a nice place to start the day and this one seemed to fit my criteria. With its modern design with a glass-encased bar, wooden floor, metal details and comfy sofas it ranks amongst the coziest bars around Thong Lor.

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to try their banana crêpe flambé as the cook arrives only after 11 pm. At the end I ordered chocolate banana latte which had no trace of banana or chocolate but it was full of coffee instead. I pointed it out to the waiter and he immediately brought me another one … of the same.

However, it was an hour well spent, sometimes it is not what they give you but how they make you feel, and this garden has a great atmosphere. Probably I would return to try their restaurant which offers a mix of European and Thai food.

Moon Glass is on Sukhumvit 53, next to Greyhound’s headquarters. Nearest BTS – Thong Lor plus two minutes walking.






  • Pretty cool looking place

  • Vivid description of your experience… good pictures.

  • I think I can handle the smoothies. Thank you for another gorgeous introduction to Bangkok.

    • They are vert handeable 🙂 kisses

  • Great travel inspiration pics! Thanks for sharing and I’m heading back to Thailand in March and I cannot wait!

    I’ve recently relaunched my website and would love if you could stop by and check it out! Let me know what you think xx

    Helen xx

  • Sucks that the chocolate banana latte didn’t work out, but that cake looks amazing!

  • I was loving the whole place but that chocolate cake just froze my entire brain! It looks soooo good!

    • In Bangkok they really know how to so the cakes, I have never eaten ao much sweets as here ?