Fashion Trends for SS16

The spring still hasn’t arrived and we haven’t even finished to see what the trends for the FW 15/16 are going to be but the creative departments of the fashion houses are already actively working on the SS16 collections ( and probably the trend hunters are ten years ahead ).

Yesterday I went to Milano Unica which is an international textile fair, held in Milan (suprise, surprise :D), which showcases some of the most prestigious Italian fabrics and accessories manufacturers. It is a must-attend event for the fashion insiders and offers the opportunity to discover first-hand the latest developments and innovations in the industy as well as the next season trends.

So, drumroll please, the SS16 will be all about the:

  • Joie de vivre – creative optimism, pure energy in naive colors, multicolor brushtrokes prints, food overprinting on gingham, clown ideas for pendants, chromotherpay ribbons and tapes, explosion of shapes and colours on broches
  • Surprise exoticism – ironic, no steretypes, amid pop chromatism and deep jungle, pvc raffia weaves bonded with jersey, cubist jungle folliage, distorted animal prints with fluo ( Right now I’m thinking of how to distort the ordinary leopard print silk dress that I have in my shop ;)), necklaces with pop totem, maxi bazaar charms ( I’m an expert in this)
  • Holes and punched holes – airy patterns, pure tones of architectural origin, mashrabiye-like modern punching, chantilly lace with neon accents, asymmetric spiral ajour, burn-like punctured jersey, micro and macro mesh, punched alluminium buttons
  • Send a message – universal language, chromatic play, flocking with ironic phrases, fluo painted macro letters and numbers, allover writing in cyrillic ( for the next season my Billionaire T-shirt will become a Билионер! ) and chinese, postcard prints of famous places, magnetic closures with symbols, zippers with PE teeth and talking tabs
  • Author extremes – graphic color contrast, inspiration from up-and-coming artists, collages recalling Mimmo Rotella, multimaterial encrustations, rustic precious patchwork, eccentric pop art buttons, abstract motifs on borders, polychrome studs
  • Al natural – no make up, original state, creamy minera tones, nude craquele organza, slubby gauze, raw dune-like jacquard, crispy, grainy texture, silk, linen tweed, lime white calicò, clay effect coating, mix of marbleized studs, wood buttons with silvery decorations, fringed cotton, marble-like resin closures
  • Subtle trace – delicate positive/negative graphics, broken wavy zig zag lines, topstitched outlined japanese graphism, intersecting lines on check background, fine laserizing on plates and clasps
  • Glossy glamour – sexy vibrant colour and brilliance, liquid, jersey like mercury, varnished porcelain surfaces, lacquered organza, chiffon, allover copper, platinum lamè, mother of pearl studs on ribbon, techno ruffles in reflecting pvc
  • Chromo-variations – degradé bands on jersey, tie-dye, asymmetric shading, spray tints, chromaic drippings, mistinted faded effects
  • Mignon size – small is beautiful, simple classic colors, tiny flocked stars and hearts, mini wallpaper patterns, block printed mini ideograms, tiny floating leaf patterns, tiny jewel buttons

Which do you think will become your favorite one for the SS16? I’m so happy that the jungle motifs, animal prints and statements are still in the game – at least my wardobe will be trendy for another year 🙂

Below are some pictures that I managed to take risking my freedom and life since it is not exactly permitted to take photos but my spy nature prevailed so here they are:

  • brilliant pictures!

    • Thank you, Noor ?

  • amazing pics

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  • Fantastic post!!!

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  • Wow you are ahead of us girl

  • Glad to know these Gabi, thanks for sharing. xoxo

  • Oh, right, the collections get so much attention so soon and there you are looking at the trends for 2016! Still fills so soon to think about the trends of spring when it’s under zero degrees and lots of snow….

    • You are so right…but I hope that the warm weather will arrive any other moment ??