Bangkok Street Style: The Hat

The ideal accessory to finish off an outfit, in addition to being very functional in case of a non-fabulously-looking-hair day – something not so uncommon in the hot and humid climate of Bangkok (or am I the only one who doesn’t use them on purpose? :D), the hats are undoubtedly one of the best sold merchandising categories in the City of Angels.

The key styles that is most likely to see on the streets are the baseball cap, the fedora – with small or wide brim (and rigorously made from wool), the panama and the beanie. While it is easier to see the Bangkokian girls rocking them casually, they also dress them up in the office or for a night out.

Do you have a favorite type of hat? My preferences go for the small brim fedora and the beanies, I even bought a couple of them (ok, a couple of couples ..), only because the temperature inside the sky train and the shopping malls is so low that I was obliged to think of every possible method for flu prevention #anyexcuseisgood

Below are some photos directly from the streets of Bangkok.

  • Sandra Viví Andersen


  • Lovely!

  • alice

    Lovely pics!

    Alice Cerea,

  • Beanies and sports caps are very popular in Copenhagen but those other hats never really made an appearance, too windy!

    • This is good to know! They could invent some kind of fashionable string but maybe it will still be too ‘ranchy’ :D:D:D

  • Love, love, love all the street pics! Street photography is a favourite of mine, and you’ve captured the Bangkok street style in hats so well. 🙂

    • Thank you for the the nice comment, Ami! I’m happy that you like them 🙂

    • Thank you for the the nice comment, Ami! I’m happy that you like them 🙂

  • Gabi, thanks for the like on Rize land of Chai. I like your photo montages, especially these hats and the show in Milan. Cheers

  • Actually I am surprised more thai women don’t wear hats, especially one with a decent sized brim. They are so obsessed with being as “white” as possible and staying out of the sun, to say nothing of all the whitening creams that get sold here. I hate to think of all the chemicals they are rubbing into their skins.

    • It was funny that I found at seven eleven a whitening yogurt cream called Bulgaria – but in Bulgaria we don’t have any products like this, we just eat it. I guess you can basically sell anything that promises a whiter skin.

  • So cool, a hat is always a statement to our look:)

    • Agree, it is always a good decision 🙂