37 Killer Runway Shoes and Accessories for FW 15/16

Fresh off the runway, see the best shoes, bags and jewelry for the upcoming fall/winter 15-16.

Be warned: you might start looking forward to the next cold season before this one is over.

And I don’t know about you but the furry shoes got all my love. My only concerns is that I already have a pair of ugg-like fur-covered boots and they attract the attention of every dog nearby. Which is something I can handle, but sometimes they bark at me as if there is no tomorrow and this freaks me out ( even more if they are not puppies )

Do you hear any of the items below call your name?

  • That rocket bag…also I’m happy that Junya has made it acceptable to take notes on your arm in sharpie again.

    • I like the sharpie too, looks pretty cool