Bangkok Street Style: How to wear a sweater

I was totally surprised to see how Bangkokians wear a sweater. I thought that tying the sleeves in front and let the rest hang at the back is a standardized worldwide practice. The citizens of the Thai capital, instead, challenge the laws of gravity by simply draping it like a shawl or putting it over their shoulder without even buttoning it up. This micro trend same applies to jackets and shirts.

It is still a mystery to me how do they manage not to lose anything, considering that I, on the contrary, do it quite effortlessly, even when I double knot the sleeves around my neck..

So here are some pictures from Bangkok. As soon as the weather allows it and Italians start to undress, I will do another post that will point out the style differences between the two countries. I will put a link here.

I’m curious to know how do you wear the sweater in your area?

  • Although I never wear a sweater in Bangkok, I would likely tie it. But I do see how draping it over a shoulder might be helpful in keeping cool on the street when outside of the (often very) cold air conditioning.

    • Actually it is surprising how many people wear sweaters considering that the temperatures rarely go under 30 C, but I guess it is the only solution for the uber cold offices, malls, bts, etc..

  • Shared ur blog post! I love your blog! I am inspired of how you uses your sense of observation for fashion trends. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, dear! I’m super glad to hear that. Thank you for the support!

  • Funny thing! I also wear them on over my shoulders when needed πŸ™‚

    • Good thing they stay there πŸ™‚

  • It’s funny how women in South East Asia seem to find reason to wear sweaters and cardigans even when it’s hot and humid all year round! I don’t blame them though, as I do love the over the shoulders sweater look! It’s so preppy πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I guess no one likes monotony. I love the hot weather but after a while I want to layer a bit or put a hat or a scarf. I still prefer wearing them with bare legs and sandals rather than matching them with warm winter clothes ??

  • I found it weird living in places where its 30 degrees outside but you have to take a jumper for when you need to go inside! There’s an over enthusiastic love of air-conditioning in many SE Asian cities, and when I was in Hong Kong my lecture halls were FREEZING… brrrrrr

    Loving your blog! I’d also lose a jumper worn like that in no time

  • Here in Spain is depending on the trend… many years ago was with a ribbon around the hip, after over the shoulders… now the trend is not to wear it at all!

    Here my latest post, about how Armani invites consumers to participate on the brand’s 40th anniversary special website through the hashtag #Atribute.

    I hoe you enjoy it! Bests πŸ™‚

  • Hi Gabi,
    Like most big cities Bangkok is no different, yet at the same time it stands alone in its fashion choices. My wife always takes a sweater to the movies, as they have it so cold in there its like the Baltic. The girls in the office have the A/C on at 27c until I switch it down to 21c, cannot see the point in having it the same temp as the outside. Anyway… I digress, the office girls only really ever go from Home- Car (or BTS) to the office/Mall/where ever girls go, all of which are A/C’eed up to the max! So I am thinking its more practical than stylish, but I am a bloke so I don’t really know.

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