Hipster Bar in Sofia: The Apartment

Two bourgeois apartments have been converted in one of the hipster-est destination in Sofia. Cozy and relaxed, it recreates an authentic domestic atmosphere.

To make you feel even more at home, there is a piano you can play, boardgames, books and some vintage Mac computers that you can use. Every room has a different theme and if you arrive earlier you can pick your favorite spot. It is a self-service place, so if you want to order you have to pay a visit to the kitchen. Everything here is homemade and fresh and ,from what I saw, the must tries are the raspberry wine ( 3 euros ) and the himalayan tea ( 2 euros ), not to mention the carrot cake and the yummiest baked goodies ( 2 euros)  that are asking for a second helping.

The crowd is quite young and it is not uncommon to see couples who spend their time kissing the night away – I guess it is the romantic effect of the dim lights, the candles and the add-on small lamps that contribute to the already laid back ambiance. You can also easily overhear some mystic conversations about past life regressions or the latest air yoga workshop in town.

The Apartment: Open everyday from 10 pm to 2 am; Neofit Rilski Str, 68, Sofia. The building is unnumbered so you will have to look for the clue – the Tibetan flag that is hanging in front of the entrance.