Bangkok Street Style: Free

Here is the final, for now, style report from my beloved Bangkokian streets. Rather than being dedicated to a particular trend, it is a mix of all styles and genres, an amalgam that fully reflects the original and colorful fashion sense of the beautiful inhabitants of the Thai capital.

The next trend observations will be held ( do I sound like a scientist? ) on the Milanese streets and I can’t wait to see what Italians have in store in for me.

Before that I will concentrate all my efforts on uploading some videos with which I tried to record the well-controlled chaos that reigns in Bangkok. I will keep you posted 🙂

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    Lovely outfits!

  • Truly amazing Bangkokians as you would say and equally amazingly candid shots you have taken ! It’s really amazing how they reinvent styles !

    • Yeah, it is! I’m glad a took so many photos of them, when I need inspiration I look back at all the photos from Bangkok

  • I love the huge variation of styles! I feel like myself and most the people I know buy our clothes from the same 5 or so stores which is the shame. If we had as many affordable independent clothes shops as I saw in Bangkok it’d be fantastic.

    • I absolutely agree. I have a maxi skirt from Zara that I bought a couple of years ago and I still keep seeing people wearing it all around the world. Who knows how many pieces were produced ?

  • I love your post!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious.???

  • We have been visiting Thailand and Bangkok for the very first time and loving it. Great styles, beautiful people.

    • Yeah, I will never get tired of Thailand

  • An awesome blog on my adopted city and its crazy fashion!

  • unemployed princess

    I love this! so interesting to see what people are wearing around the world =) enjoy in Thailand!

  • Wow pretty cool

    Check out my new post on my blog about Rome

    Posts online about Hollywood, many Styles, Beijing, Egypt, Cornwall…

  • I love taking pictures like these too. How you put them in collage is awesome! Bangkok is truly a diversity in style itself. I would never get tired of people watching and see what people are wearing. Love this post, cheers!

    • I will never get tired neither. The pictures I upload are usually cut but I often look at the original photos and every time I see something new – sometimes what was happening behind is better than what I actually wanted to capture? btw, I wonder, is there fashion in Laos?

  • Loveee this blog it just inspired me for a client I have in mind

    • I’m happy it is useful ?

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    Thank god for tattoo removal. Like them on men as long as they aren’t stupid; women…NEVER.