My Dubai is Not Like Yours

Dubai as I saw it. Less glitter, more basic, middle-eastern vibes.

The photos were taken during my first intercontinental solo trip in June 2013. I wouldn’t be surprised if the landscape has changed dramatically since then 🙂

  • Nice photos but the skies are terrible in every place in the world with chemtrails

    • Ha? the sky of Dubai is def not the bluest one can see ?

      • Nice, Gabi! Oh you really need a partner or someone /or you can hire me for free?/ when going here to enjoy it more and go to some great places you’ve never been ?..
        Dubai is crazy and im lovin it.

        • Maybe I just need to be enlightened ⚡️ thank you for your generous offer ??

  • Meravigliosa!!!!

  • Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  • The pictures are lovely , A lot has changed in terms of infrastructure, I was there in July 2014 but there is still a lot of construction going on.

    • Thank you ? And now, with the upcoming Expo no one will stop them

      • Tell me about it, I’m planning to there this December so I can’t wait to see what’s new?

        • I have heard about the Aladdin city or the city that will have a controlled climate, but they won’t be ready so soon, even if we are talking about dxb. But please take many photos and 5 years you will have the before and now, and might want to share it with us ?

  • Hey,i’ve just nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award! Check out my page for all the details!

    • Thank you, Laura! That’s so sweet! Xxx

  • I love Dubai from your perspective! Beautiful photos!

    • Thank you, Sophia, I’m happy that you liked it?

  • Wow, check out that air conditioned bus stop!!

  • Great pics of Dubai! You’ve captured it brilliantly. People don’t get to see that side of Dubai as it is always the new emerging stuff always that gets promoted. But this takes me back – went about 10 years ago or so and I remember those streets and Dubai Creek – those wooden boats were brilliant crossing to the other side where there was a cobbled paved street market (as far as I remember). Great to see what’s new there through your pictures – Love the site!

  • I was a resident of DXB Feb 2007 to Nov 2010 and I loved it. It is now a part of my past but from time to time it is exciting to visit memory lane…

  • You’re very observant! Dubai is, well, no words can adequately describe it. I think one’s perspective depends on whether one is a visitor/tourist, resident, laborer, etc … When it comes to shopping, though, everything’s there!

    • You are ao right, this is undeniable and probably the only point that will make everyone agree. The good thing about Dubai is that you don’t need to go after your favorite brands around the world – everything is already there, under the same roof!

  • Cool photos.