What’s in display in Milan’s Fashion District?

I don’t know if this happens to you as well, but I’m capable of spending the same amount of time in the fashion districts independently of whether the shops are open or closed.

This is particularly valid when I’m around the “quadrilateral of fashion”  – the Milanese high-end shopping district. While I’m there, not only I have to study in depth the displayed items (which is already significantly time-consuming), but I also need, or lets’s say want, to pay closer attention to the set up as it might inspire me for my future global chain of boutiques around the world 😉

So tonight, after dinner, we went for a quick walk in downtown, which at the end wasn’t so quick … This is what I saw.

Do you also like to browse the shop windows?

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Did you see something that you would buy? I know you want those pants …