Monies: Avant-garde Jewelry in Milan

I’m a firm believer that the side streets boast the best spots that a big city can offer. They are usually devoid of major retails stores and restaurant chains, which makes them so charming and unpredictable.

In one of those streets there is a jewelry shop called Monies. I used to pass by every day after work and I remember stopping in front and contemplating the creations in the display. Now that I have a blog I decided to share the love 🙂

I’m not sure if jewelry is the right term, I would rather call it avant-garde, yet elegant, wearable art.

Monies pieces are made from nature’s own materials including ebony, coconut, cowbone, amber, petrified wood, fossils, precious stones and seeds, sourced  and carefully chosen from all over the world.

Prices start from 100 usd and can go up to several thousands when it comes to one of a kind (read as only one produced in the entire universe) pieces.

I will let the pictures do the further talking. They will definitely do better than words.

Monies is in Via Cerva 16, Milano, within shouting distance from MM San Babila and the glitzy Montenapoleone. For more info and updates visit their website.