Fair & Ethical Fashion Show in Milan

Milan is currently hosting its first ever international Fair and Ethical Fashion Show, which boasts …30 exhibitors and an almost equal number of visitors.

While the lack of adequate advertising probably plays a relevant role in these mediocre results, it is also true that, in the mind of most people (including me), ethical fashion means boho-aspiring, overpriced organic cotton creations.

This is actually valid for most of the  labels that I see around, but luckily, if you dig deeper you can discover that some designers are combining the ethical with the fashionable, creating remarkable pieces, that even the most commercial style bloggers would add to their wish list.

So, without further ceremony, here are the photos from the above mentioned fashion show. I had a love-at-first-sight-moment with two brands (see below which ones).

What are your impressions about ethical fashion in general? Yay or Nay?

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  • Great post, I love this new trends to make fashion ecological and more responsible of its impact on the environment (and on people, remember Rana Plazza…).
    Before I really started looking into it, I had the same feeling as you: Eco means Boho on not always the best kind… But @FashionRev and their buddies will show you that there is much more… I like the fact that luxury brands, the ones really into vertical productivity, are taking those environmental issues into consideration. We can be fashionista and still have a responsible attitude towards the environment. Like all the campaigners of “WHo made my clothes” (https://frenchtouchincebu.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/arise-children-of-the-fashion-land-join-the-fashion-revolution-today/)
    THanks again for the inspiring post 🙂

    • Hi dear,
      I think that one day we will all be more responsible but the change will be slow. Most of the people don’t care about what happens in their own life, let alone the impact of their clothes on the environment.
      Fashionrev is a very good example of how a good and contemporary design can sell well. In Italy, as of today, there are not ethical brands that have such a huge success. Some of the local luxury brands try to implement some social responsability politics that are more related to the consumption of paper, electiricity and separate collection of rubbish. They will never renounce to the crocodile leather bags that can sell for 50.000 usd.

      • I agree, but I think things are changing in the luxury business, where every single step can be traced, and where the big cies take praise in the origins of their products. Take Loro Piana, you don”t only buy a product, you buy its unicity, you know exactly where it comes from and how it had been made. Same for Albini.
        The fashion industry is not there yet, for sure.. Quality has a price 🙂

  • love this!!

  • Interesting post, Gabi, and a complex question. Being the farthest thing from a fashionisto (I had to look that up to be sure this variant of the word exists), I will throw this out there and then duck for cover: some people will say that fashion is too consumption-oriented to be ethical.

    That is, of course, a fairly extreme view. Fashion obviously covers a wide range of approaches, and one can certainly try. I like the links above from Estelea. We all do what we can.

    Even my very limited approach to fashion and style — as I age I become less concerned about my frayed slacks and out-of-date ties — makes me a hypocrite, as I have and use far more than I need. “Style” and “fashion” are, for the most part, concerns of the relatively well-off, which almost all of us are if we inhabit this virtual world, talking about issues from behind our desks or while tooling around with our smartphones.

    I suppose if we use our positions to raise awareness, help as many as we can, and do the right thing as much as possible, that’s a good start.

    And, of course, it is a pleasure to view your photos and travel through your blog posts. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Steve,

      thank you for enriching my vocabulary. Although I consider myself a fashionista I didn’t know that the version fashionisto existed, I will definitely use this word in a future post 🙂
      I agree with what you said, We can raise awareness in many ways and the fashion system is only one of the tools.
      We all have more than we need, this is something that I constantly realize while I travel. However, when I’m back to the big city life, I can’t help but surrender to consumerism.
      Hopefully the best is yet to come 🙂

      Have a good one!

      • The kids and I are working a little on our Spanish, so I amy trying to shift my thinking to a language with masculine and feminine noun endings As an instructor of journalism, I am constantly looking up words, so it was worth poking around the internet to see if people were using the term. I found a few blogs and other references, so maybe it is indicative of a new term coming into use.

        But if I have enriched the vocabulary of someone so well traveled, I think I can consider it a successful week. Enjoy your own trip, and keep posting those wonderful pictures!

        • Thank you, Steve! Let’s be trend setters and introduce more new words!

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