Alcantara Technology of Dreams: Oneiric Exhibition in the Prince’s Apartment

A few years ago, while I was still at the university, I decided to try my luck and send my spontaneous applications to several companies I would have liked to work for. One of them was Alcantara, whose existance I would have probably ignored at that stage of my life, if it wasn’t for the fact that their headquarters were (and still are) near my home. Seeing their signboard almost every day and, attracted by the nicely sounding name, it came naturally to me to google them and check their business.

This is how I discovered that they produce a composite material used in the fashion, automotive, aviation, yachting and consumer electronics industries. So versatile that it almost sounds abstract, doesn’t it? By the time I graduated they had launched their first accessories collection which was an incentive for me to send a second resume. They never got back to me but since then I’m a fan, because the neighbourhood companies have to be supported, right? Every now and then I see their name appear in fashion related news and one of the latest one was about their current exhibition in the Roayl Palace of Milan.

As the website states: Located in the exceptional setting of the rooms of the Prince’s Apartment in the Royal Palace of Milan, Alcantara, Technology of Dreams invites visitors to cross the threshold between reality and dreams, concreteness and imagination.

Me and my partner in crime went yesterday and it was a dreamlike place, indeed. Here is a taste of what we saw and if you want an even better visual and sound experience check my video on Youtube.

Thank you for reading <3

  • Wow… it really does look like a dream. I just might be adding this to one of the places I have to visit in the future.

  • Indeed. I’ve never been much into fashion but now it’s got me intrigued.

  • Gladsy

    Love your posts about Europe!! Hope to see that place soon 🙂

    • Does this mean that you don’t like my posts about Thailand? ??? I hope that you will come soon! Xoxo