Luxury Shopping

One of the rules of the visual merchandising is to put in display the newest, the most expensive, the most eye-catching items or the ones that the company wants to push.

Yesterday I went on another study tour and here is what the brands are up to.

Mines are all black

And one off topic thought – I think that I finally got isnpired how to transform a pair of loafers I had from one of my previous employers (and that in my opinion are not suitable for a girl in her twenties), into something more trendy. I’m going to try the transformation right now and a lot of glitter will be involved. Wish me luck 🙂

  • So true! I had a visual merchandising class once. And I really enjoyed it.


  • Love alll these pics you should see the fend window display in knightsbridege it has flowers all on the outside it looks like a magical garden.

    • Sound beautiful! Here it wasn’t anythig special, rather boring I would say.

  • Oh my — love, love those Alberta Ferreti shoes! But you know, I’ve stared at a pair of Jimmy Choos and I think that they’re ghastly overpriced (I’m a shoe addict, even smell leather ones). Thanks for giving us a preview, this is even better than the fashion pages of the Friday magazine here.