French Riviera: Is Nice Really Nice?

What I love most about France is that if you don’t speak French you can communicate in your own language (Bulgarian, Thai, Arabic, you name it) and the result will be the same as if you were speaking in English – the locals will always reply in French. It doesn’t matter that you happen to be in a top touristic destination, visited by millions of people yearly from all over the world.

That’s one of the main reasons France is never in my bucket list. I mean, I can understand good part of what they say because I’m super smart but, come on, showing a little respect to the people who spend their money in your country couldn’t be such a bad idea, right?

However, since there are some charming places near the border with Italy, I sporadically leave all my prejudices at home and hit the road to the French Riviera. This time we went to Nice and Saint Tropez (more on the latter in the next post).

I have always visited in winter so it was nice to see how is life during summer. I have to admit that the absence of the strong and cold mistral wind makes everything far more enjoyable.

Here are some pics from our days in Nice, also known as La Belle. Considering that it’s France’s fifth largest city is has a pretty cozy atmoshpere, don’t you think? So, yes, Nice is nice.

P.S. If you want to experience the authentic local cuisine try Chez Palmyre in the old town. It is always packed (there are around 20 seats) so you’d better make a reservation in advance.

  • plaidismyfavouritecolour

    These photos are killing me! It’s also nice to know that Nice isn’t just pretty, but it’s also genuinely nice 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s nice but not in an exagerate way, let’s say French nice ?

  • Nice looks and sounds incredible! Your photographs are so charming as well. <33

    • Thank you so much for such a positive feedback! I’m happy that you liked it ?

  • This clears everything up 😀 Can’t wait to cross this one out on my bucketlist. 🙂

    • Ahaha I’m glad I was able to clarify ?

  • Gabi – our cruise ship is docking in the Nice area at the end of August – we have one day to spend either in Nice, St Tropez, Monaco or Monte Carlo – we have two young kids – what would you recommend – love the pix

    • Thank you, Shahab 🙂 I would recommend staying in Nice, it is very spacious and the kids won’t get bored for sure (they could throw stones in the water, run along the large promenade, have the time of their life (or at least of their holiday) playing at promenade du paillon while you comfortably sit on a bench). I will post about Saint Tropez later today which is a very nice town but maybe less kids friendly, also the distance is not so short, and the traffic in August can only get worse. Monte Carlo is nice as well, but spending a whole day there is too much.