How Good Is Life In Saint Tropez?

If you associate Saint Tropez with lavish parties, yachts that are too big to enter the port and Cristal champagne flowing over tanned breasts, yes, you got it all right. Spotting luxurious cars cruising the narrow streets, glitterati roll by and rich men accompanied by young girls (usually the proportion is 1:3) is just the ordinary thing. Actually if you don’t witness an excess of the the above mentioned they you have probably ended up in the wrong village.

But, there is always a but, Saint Tropez has another face, which is less known but not less intriguing. If you walk away from the port, towards the old town, you will find yourself in the middle of labyrinth made of quiet steep streets lined with delightful pastel-colored houses, secret old-fashioned squares, small shops, cafès and art galleries. The area also boasts plenty of restaurants, which are not Saint Tropez-kind-of-expensive and you will probably not have to sell your kids into slavery.

Below are some of the too many photos I took. I will also upload later a video on Youtube from Nice and Saint Tropez. I will put the link here.

On our way to Saint Tropez we did a short stop over in Saint Raphael – another very beautiful place. If you ever find yourself there and you are hungry, I strongly recommend Vach’et moi which contributed for another great meal and the best foie I have ever had (and I’m not a fan of livers). And should I also add, the most tender escalope à la crème ever!

And, answering  the question in the title – I have to admit, life in Saint Tropez is really good – azure waters, sandy beaches, sunny weather, good food, luxury, what else do I need??!

  • Good to see the other side of places ! There’s always two sides to things

  • Wow now I wanna visit this place. Very luxurious ^__^

  • I was never really keen on going to Saint Tropez because all you hear about it is, well, as you said…yachts, parties, champagne and tanned breasts. Now that I write it, I think it doesn’t sound too bad, though 😀 But reading your post and looking at the picture…there seems to be much more to see. It’s lovely! Definitely worth a trip, I guess. And btw, your e-book idea is great! Might be pretty handy while traveling alone. I wouldn’t have to carry a selfie stick all the time 😉

    • Hi Dennis, I think that it’s not just worth the trip but to buy a property too! Or at least a summer subscription to the port for the yacht (if you don’t mind the moving surfaces).

      • It seems as if you really enjoyed Saint Tropez 🙂 A summer subscription to the port for the yacht…interesting thought. I might have to work a bit more for that to happen…but I would definitely not mind the moving surfaces 🙂 Are you planning on visiting Saint Tropez again soon?

        • No, I don’t think you have to work more. The dock rate shouldn’t be more than 2000 euros per day! Saint Tropez maybe not but Les Porquerolles are such a temptation. Easy fix for my tropical cravings!

  • Good to know that St Tropez is still a wonderful place for the non-glam tourist!

  • Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Your photos are stunning, I’ve followed you too on Bloglovin, especially as I’m headed to Italy soon!

    • Thank you so much! I saw that you will be coming in two weeks, which part of Italy are you going to explore?

      • I’ll be going to Bari, Alberobello, Lecce, Matera, Maratea, Amalfi Coast, Naples and Rome. Can’t wait!


    много интересни репортажи, достоверни при това, показват многостранно !

    странно, тези 7 статуи в ница, символ на 7 континента, в андора са почти същите прид парламента, там символизират 7 те княжества, от които се състои страната – и те светят вечер, на високи постаменти, бих казала, че са еднакви

    • Da, proverih, edin i sysht chovek gi e pravil.

  • Loving the pants