Best Thai Brands: Asava’s Inspiring Story

Being the son of two successful entrepreneurs, the future of Polpat Asavaprapha seemed foredoomed to the family car business. He knew since he was a child that fashion was running in his veins but in Asian culture the loyalty to the family comes first, therefore his priority was to make his parents happy. However, his passion for the fashion world prevailed (ah, la moda!) and he left for New York without a portfolio and without any drawing skills. A few years and collaborations with important brands later he returned to Bangkok and established his own label – Asava.

This is the story of how the Thai Armani (allow me to make this comparison) was born. As you will see from the pictures below his designs are elegant, feminine and timelessly chic. The creations feature classic cuts and fluid high quality fabrics that perfectly capture the subtle classiness of the woman who wears them. It is no surprise that the 7 years old Asava brand is now one of the top players in the Bangkokian fashion scene.

Recently they expanded their offer by opening a restaurant in the luxurious Em Quarter Mall on Sukhumvit Road. It is called Sava Dining and offers Asian classics with a fashion twist. I still haven’t seen it with my eyes but it sounds like a good idea after a day of shopping. I am definitely going to check it out as soon as I get back to Bangkok. I will post a link here as soon as this happens.

In the meantime let’s enjoy Asava’s chic aesthetics. Do you like the style?

Thanks to Asava Group for letting me use their photos.

  • Lovely

  • ruxandrasoare

    actually yesterday I was looking for South-East Asian brands for some inspiration! great post!

    • What a timing ? Asian fashion is awesome!

  • Gabi!! This site is So Awesome!! Keep up the good work I’m truly inspired. Love Thai clothing one of my favorite things to do when I visit Bangkok is shopping!!!

    • Wow thank you! I’m so glad that it inspires someone! I love Thai designers as well! Shopping in Bangkok doesn’t have a lot of competition in terms of pleasure ?