Milan Street Style: Boho Vibes

This season the  boho vibes have, without a shadow of doubt, conquered our hearts and wardrobes. When all the brands and shops offer huge quantities of styles, influenced from the Seventies, it is actually difficult not to fall hard for this long forgotten trend.

I started noticing the first hints if the bohemian story almost and year ago, when I arrived in Bangkok. I thought that it was just a Thai thing, influenced by the popularity of the vintage markets that happen weekly around the city (and that are a must-see if you have already visited the major historic monuments) but the fashion shows for the upcoming SS15 season made me reconsider the situation. It was clear that we were about to witness a glamorous come back of the boho trend (Ah, these Thai fashionistas, they are always one step ahead!), and that it will probably stay around for at least another couple of seasons.

Back to the Milanese streets, I observed plenty of hippie influences, including maxi skirts, lace and macramé trousers, floral prints , kimono sleeves and tassels, but the absolute winner and the hottest 2015’s fashion trend seems to be the …. fringe! I saw it basically on every imaginable clothing garment and accessory. Here, although, there is as well, one favorite way to wear fringes – on the bag. I guess it is the easiest and less risky way to get on trend.

Here are some photos in case you still don’t fully believe me.

Do you like the boho style?

  • I’m loving all the details going on with their style, there’s so many different prints being put to use, great post by the way!

  • The fringed bag has become a total classic the past two years! But I like fringe better on a skirt, like on your first two photos. It adds a touch of wild sexiness while being subtle, it’s great!

  • Anonymous

    Love your street photo’s .. are you the photographer?

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s me.