Staying in a luxurious mansion from 1600? In Domus Laeta you can!

After my short escape in Asia I started to appreciate more what I have right where I am now. I used to  take Europe and its beauties for granted but while I was away I realized that I would miss it terribly if I was to never see it again. I started developing the syndrom of the Chinese tourist (V-sign excluded) which means taking loads of photos of every street, corner, backyard, door, etc. This lead to the need of a buying a new external hard drive of around 10TB (:D) but also to many new discoveries.

One of the latest is a luxurious historic mansion that now functions as Bed and Breakfast. It is located in Giungano, a small village in the mountains of Cilento, Southern Italy. The residence is called Domus Laeta and its story begins back in 1600. It still belongs to Aulisio family, Lords of Giungano who have preserved the sense of the Middle Ages. I was very impressed by the library with around 3000 volumes of old and rare books and by the infinity pool that was once a water reservoir. Not to mention the spectacular view to the sea and the Valley of Temples.

By the way Domus Laeta in latin means Happy House. I think that the pictures will explain why better than me.

If you want to know more about Domus Laeta head to their website or check the room availability and rates right here.

Do you like it? In which part of the mansion would you like to read your book? For me it is impossible to pick just one ..

  • This is so beautiful I want to cry! Le sigh!

    • Ahaha you made me laugh so hard ;););) Sigh!

      • It is though ? I think the Romantic bench would be my spot to read.

        • Maybe mine too, unless it is sunny. In that case I would prefer somewhere in the garden ?

  • This place looks awesome!

    • It really does! ?

  • Beautiful pics I love doors and doorway pics 🙂

  • This is beautiful! the infinity pool is to die for

  • This looks absolutely amazing, I’d love to stay here. (love your outfit too!)

    • Thank you, lovely! ? I definitely reccomend it for a full immersion in the Italian style ??

  • The mansion looks absolutely gorgeous and it also forecasts so many history withheld in it. I hope you had a fabulous time over there.

    • Yeah, it was amazing. I love secluded places like this ?

  • My my! What a feeling to stay here <3 amazing!

  • This is so so cool