Sciuscert: Shoes or Shirt?

A couple of months ago a contacted a press agency, based here, in Milan, just to let them know that I exist. One thing lead to another and soon after that I had pair of awesome white Sciuscert (read as Shoeshirt). My task was to snap the shoes in twelve different settings.

I was very excited:

  • first because I have a long lasting passion for Italian brands, especially when they are innovative and of high quality;
  • and secondly because it was the first real-life exam for my immagnation. I was wondering if I would have enough ideas for twelve different shots. Soon I realized that a quote I read some time ago couldn’t be more true. It was saying somethine like Immagination is a like a muscle, the more you use it, the bigger it gets.

So here are my 12 pictures. The theme is My Italian summer. What do you think? Have you ever seen before a mix of shoes and shirts?

If you want to know more about Sciuscert check out their website.

  • These shoes look chic …. And I loved them having aperitif is

    • Gabi

      Food is always a good option and suits everything 😀
      The shoes are chic indeed and also a great attention grabber 🙂

  • Absolutely cool shoes…I have never seen shoes like that. And of course, I like the way you present them. Can’t wait to see the mens shoes!!

    • Gabi

      Dennis! Your comment was in the spam! And the spam comments were in the not-spam section! I guess I will have to figure that out too 😀
      The shoes are very original, what surprised me the most was that the fabric they use is literally the same as the one for the mens’ shirts!