Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 16/17

As winter season is inexorably approaching it is high time to discover what the fashion trends for the FW 16/17 will be. This is a must for anyone involved in the industry but it could also be a useful tool for us to calculate the life expectancy of our current purchases.

The best way to get this information in Milan is to visit Milano Unica exhibition that offers the opportunity to discover first-hand the latest developments and innovations in the industy as well as the next season trends.

The most intriguing space is the Trends Area which is the summary of everything that will be in for the FW 16/17 season. It is very interestng to see how trends are born and how a landscape or a shape  becomes abstract and turn into fabrics, silhouettes, ideas.

For FW 16/17 the the fashion trends are narrowed down to only four unlike the SS 16 season when they were ten.

So, without further ado, here they are:

  • Arctic Tale – the charm of dreams is a cross-inspiration made of magic and timeless romance that is transforming reality into a fairy tale. Icy chromatisms, pale dawns, fragile lights of norhtern mornings blend with deep tones and soften shadows. A natural sense of fragility and a natural need of utility in a rarefied atmosphere and yet dense and strong as fairy tales are.
  • Folk Land – research of balance between order and chaos, the streets of the so calles lateral countries as Uruguay and Chile. Folk quotes borrowed from costumes and houses colors. A palette of raw hues borrowed from the richness in nuance of nature, especially of the earth. Warmed by the reds, russets and mustard yellows of the walls of South America cities and by their food.
  • Graphic Wave – graphic modernisms, weavings of lines, geometric patterns inspired by the world of Tiles and ceramics. Or else an evocation of technological 3D processing of crystals, minerals, molecules. From the chromatic atmospheres inspired by the new digital Technologies to the sharp separation of blacks and whites, reds and ochers, pearl-greys versus charcoal greys.
  • Play Room – the age of play never ends. From the collecting of vintage toys to video art with lego blocks till role-playing workshops. Marketing experts and Teachers explain how important, even in work, role-playing practice is for the collective growth and welfare. Playing is not an activity limited to childhood bu a state of mind. A mix of primary and secondary colors as those typical of childhood wooden and plastic toys, now collector’s it.

Here are some photos from the exhibition. The first ones of every theme are screen shots of the video projected in the Trend Area. The Others show how the trends turn into fabrics.

I have started from my favorite which is the Arctic Tale. What about you? Which is your favorite fashion trend for FW 16/17?



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