Milan Street Style: The Bold Ones

Here are some looks from Milan Fashion Week that is happening right now. This is the first part that is featuring outfits that probably are not the most wearable ones, outside of the context of the fashion system. However, I find in some of them (not in everyone!!!) elements that can be borrowed for our everyday life. The rest of them could be categorized as a little bit kitchy.

In the next post I will show some look that I really liked and that are very chic and elegant.

What do you think about these ones? Do you have a favorite or a less favorite?

  • I just recently read about the Milan Fashion Week and thought, Gabi must be pretty busy at the moment 😉 Once again, great photos! I am not so sure about the fashion…doesn’t quite hit my taste. But the photos are really cool. Btw, I just saw your subscription button saying: “SUBSCRIBE TO THE COOLEST BLOG ON THE WEB”. I can totally agree, this is one of the coolest blogs around 🙂

    • Gabi

      🙂 It is not my taste neither. I like much more the Chic ones, in my second post. You will have to see the mens’ wear!
      As for the subscription, it is important to believe it :D:D:D