Best Thai Designers: Ek Thongprasert

Yesterday I met two Thai girls who were in Milan for business. As you can imagine the fashion topic popped up as naturally as a trip to Bali in winter. We were talking about our favorite Thai designers and suddenly I felt a bit nostalgic about the time I spent in Bangkok. I remembered that the trigger to start this blog was the desire to share the beauty that was overwhelming me while I was there. So I thought Why should I stop sharing it when I am only 9023.53 km away???

Back to our conversation (this time not between me and my inner self but between me and the lovely Thai ladies) the name of Ek Thongprasert was mentioned several times. I was surprised to realize that I could spell his name without a trace of hesitation. I guess this means that his jewelry art has impressed even my deepet subconscious mind.

As you will see from the pictures below it is really hard to remain indifferent to the potent blend of excellence and innovation of his creations. The jewels are made of silicone usually applied in the cars, ships and airplane industries. So far Ek Thongprasert seems to be the only designer who uses it for the making of luxurious jewelry. The result is bold and distinct pieces with highly dimensonal design. He recently started to apply the silicone on garments and bags as well, and the combination is phenomenal.

If you want to keep up with the evolution of Ek Thongprasert‘s brand visit his website.