The world of L’Arabesque in Milan

L’Arabesque in not just a store. It’s a cult shop. Just ring the doorbell and enjoy a world of fashion collections, rare books, refined French colognes, vintage clothing, restaurant and a literary cafe.

The boutique area offers tailor-made clothing from the 20s to the 60s and shoes with the same concept – everything rigorously made in Italy. And if you want to finish the look you can take a look at the sough-after vintage jewelery and bags. I could have spent great part of my afternoon there if the shop assistants weren’t stuck on me like a chewing gum on the sidewalk in a hot summer day. I don’t like it particularly when I make one step forward and they follow, I do the walzer steps and they repeat  – so annoying!

The restaurant area, on the other side, very welcoming and charming. The atmosphere is vintage inspired again, with comfortable tufted velvet chairs, homamade pastries and white porcelaine homeware made especially for L’Arabesque.  The marble floor lends an additional understated elegance to the space. It is definitely a place where I will return on a regular basis as it has a very positive energy and makes me feel at home.

L’Arabesque is in Largo Augusto, 10, Milano. Very close to Duomo. Nearest metro station San Babila (red line).

The restaurant is open every day from 7:30 to 23:00.