Palma de Mallorca: The Best Place To Live?

Did you know that earlier this year Palma has topped Sunday Times’ list of the 50 best place to live in 2015? I didn’t but the news doesn’t surprise me at all. Me and my other half were there for a few days in May and we were delighted by the slow-paced charm of the Balearic’s capital.

We visited Palma de Mallorca with the purpose of pure and carefree relax and we definitely found what we were looking for. Having booked an all-inclusive hotel (special thanks to the retired German tourists without which I doubt there would be such an option) all we had to think of was to take the sunscreen and choose the bar for our evening entertainment.

We also spent one afternoon in Palma, which is one of the most beautiful, elegant and clean cities I have ever seen. It also has everything I need to be happy – shops, cozy cafes, gastronomic delights, palm trees, a maze of narrow streets with crafts boutiques and last but not least – a good weather. What else would one need? Ok, I would love a little bit more buzz, traffic congestion and street food (Shanghai, Delhi, Manila maybe??) but I can certainly feel the reason behind the global victory of Palma. For the years to come I would totally consider buying a luxurious property with a sea view in the area.

Would you like to live on the Illa de la Calma (The Island of Calm) as the Spanish poet Santiago Rusiñol used to call it? Which it your favorite place in the world?

If you want to check where on Palma de Mallorca you could stay click here.

  • Coming from a city like Mumbai, I would definitely love to visit Palma – but staying there? I don’t know. I would miss the hustle and the bustle and the constant grumbling about what is wrong with my city. Paradise can get boring isn’t it?

    • Gabi

      Exactly! While I am young I want chaos, for when I retire I don’t know what will be. But for sure Palma is a great city for relax. I can’t wait to visit Mumbai ?

  • Seems heavenly! A perfect place for a mommy vacation (alone)! ;P