How To Dress Like An Italian Man: Casual

Hello, my beloved readers. Today I am writing you from Sofia but the topic is purely Italian. I decided to start a new series which main purpose is to answer the question How to dress like an Italian. In the the past two months I met, thanks to my job, the guys you will see in next episodes (I just realized that I sound more like a tv presenter rather than a wordpress blogger). I particularly liked their studied this-morning-I-put-on-the-first-thing-that-I-saw kind of looks. Not too little, not too much. Just the perfect nonchalant attitude that only Italians can play so well.

What is even better, and I hope you will agree, is that they are not fashion bloggers, influencers or whatevs, which means that they wear exactly what they like, not what they were paid for.

The first one to unravel his secrets is Giammarco. He is from Brescia and studies fashion design in Milan. In order to know his fashion personality better I asked him a few questions. Here they are:

Tell me a bit about yourself, how did you end up studying fashion design?

I have been studying economics for two years, a spontaneous and not particularly aforethought decision, when I realized that this was not what I wanted to do. I have always been interested in fashion in one way or the other but had no clue how to start something concrete. After discovering the course in Design at the Polytechnic Uninversity of Milan, I decided to take this path regardless all my doubts. After passing the test I started exploring a world that turned out to be even more fantastic and incredible than what I could have ever imagined. It gave me the opportunity to create and broaden my horizons, something that is absolutely not to be taken for granted nowadays.

If you had to start your own brand right now what kind of collection would you design?

For the time being it is difficult for me to answer this questions as I don’t believe to have the necessary experience. However, my studies so far have been focused on women’s fashion design; I have to say that women’s wear is the area that intrigues me the most. For this reason I would work in that direction (hoping, of course, to develop my knowledge also in the mens’s field).

Which is your favorite fabric?

One of the fabrics that like the most is the neoprene. I don’t know if it is because I am young but this fabric has always fascinated me with its solidity and technic characteristics.

What we will never see you wearing?

Probably leggings for men (laughing).

Which city has the best dressed men?

For sure, the biggest is the city the more possibilities it offers. I would say that the first place goes to London with its young fashion-forward tailors, and Milan – the Italian jewel in the crown. In these cities there are no clothing taboos, limitations and worries – you can look crazy but it will still be in artistic way.

Which is your favorite place for shopping in Milan?

I don’t have a favorite spot. Actually, corner shops like la Rinascente can give you the chance to have a great range of interesting possibilities for shopping, saving time and resource at the same time.

Favorite online shop?

I rarely shop on internet but when it happens I buy from the online stores of the single brands.

Which are the must have items for FW 15?

Color block everything with black, contrasting pieces. But I believe that feeling comfortable with yourself and with the clothing you wear is very fulfilling.

Your best place to hang out in Milan?

Navigli, of course.

What do you want to do when you “grow up”?

I would like to continue with my studies and enlarge my expertise and knowledge, so that I can be even more competitive on the job market. I am still not sure if it will be in the creative sphere or something else like marketing for example (obviously in the fashion and luxury field).

Good luck, Giammarco! And let’s see what he was wearing in the office.

P.S. The next episodes will be dedicated to Eleonora and Andressa. Stay tuned on this channel to discover who are they and what they wear.


  • Hey, I am now gonna declare “i dress like an Italian”. Many times I am asked about why I wear a particular combo of colours(they are probably unconventional) and I always replied as “because i like it that way”. Now I have found a substitute, thanks to your article.

    • Gabi

      Hi Weena, glad to hear that! Italians dress far from boring so that might be the perfect excuse 😀 Viva the unconventional mixes of colors!