Fiori Rosalba Milano: Flower Shop with a Mood

If I keep up with this pace I might soon publish my first encyclopedia about all the flower-related places in the world. After the unusual florist and hairdresser in Bangkok and the Milanese flower bistro and luxury boutique it is time to add another superb spot to my collection – Fiori Rosalba Milano.

Like in any other flower atelier worth of its name, here you can find a large selection of exceptional fresh cut flowers and plants that can be arranged to your taste by the in-store floral designers. What makes it different though, is the nice, warm atmosphere that embraces you as soon you go in. An old piano, a couple of tufted leather chairs and a vintage glass armoir full of jewelry can easily make you want to sit and order a hot tea, while contemplating the inspiring beauty of the gorgeus flowers.

Apparently Rosalba, the owner, felt like this too. Earlier this year she opened a coffee-flower shop, bistro and bar – all in one. You can see the pictures of my visit here. It looks pretty much like this venue, only that there are more tables, less flowers and a big, comfy sofa which is irresistible.

The story of Rosalba is very interesting as well. She was born in a modest family in Bergamo and was the 7th child, out of 8. She started working very young, at the age of 16, in a local flower shop. Eleven years later Roasalba bought it and  created the brand Fiori. In 2009 she opened her first shop in Milan and this year it was the turn of the restaurant. When they say do what you love and success will come… I am sure we will soon see her concept around the world., and when this happens guess who will be there too?

Fiori Rosalba Milano is in Giuseppe Broggi 17, Str., very close to Corso Buenos Aires and MM Porta Venezia or Lima (red line).