Exploring Bolzano in Austria (or is it in Italy?)

If I will ever want to learn German I know that the best place to do so is Bolzano and surroundings. It literally feels
like being in Austria without even crossing the border. All the signs, street names, menus, indications, etc., are in German plus the benefit, that being in Italy (at least according to the map) there is always the translation underneath. You have a city and dictionary in one. Actually, sometimes the Italian translation is missing. For example, if it is written parking verboten – can I park or not? And if I do and get a fine will my mistake be excused by the fact that I, Italian citizen (not my case but just saying), park the car in my own country under a sign saying something in a foreign language that I might not understand?

Linguistic problems apart, we spent the weekend in South Tyrol since my boyfriend wanted to take me
to oh-so beautiful place for my birthday. I will show it to you in the next post. Before that, we did a tour
of  Bolzano which turned out to be a very lively and pleasant city, not to mention that the weather is warmer
and sunnier than in Milan. It is also a paradise for wine lovers, as the town is surrounded by extensive vineyards and
literally every other shop offers wine tasting.

Below are some pics from our Bozen‘s (the German name of the city) afternoon.

Have you ever been in South Tyrol? What are your impressions?