Andressa Senna: A Glimpse in the Life of a Brasilian Model

Andressa is the kind of woman men can’t resist – smart, confident and sexy – she has everything she needs to get what she wants. I met her during my last job experience and it has been so easy and fun to work together that we are seriously considering spending next summer between Monte Carlo and Saint Tropez, on one of our yachts.

She is a Brazilian model, currently based in Milan, but let’s discover more about here below.

How did you end up in Milan?

When all my personal and professional projects in Brasil failed I had two options – going into a deep depression or make a big change. I chose the second one and bought a one way ticket to Italy, where my mom was already living.

What is the thing you love most about your job?

That I am free to do whatever I want and don’t have a set schedule.

Who is your favorite designer?

Balmain, I adore his bold and sexy designs.

What was your last purchase?

Over-the-knee black suede boots by Stuart Weitzman.

The items that are currently in your wish list?

  1. Bob Sdrunk Faith Black Sunnies
  2. Gucci padlock shoulder bag in pink/red leather
  3. Chanel Boy bag
  4. Bulgari B.Zero1 watch in pink gold
  5. Louis Vuitton travel bag

If you had 10.000 € to spend right now, in which shop would you go?

Antonia, of course (Antonia is a multibrand boutique in Brera, a point of reference for the local fashion community).

What is the first thing that you notice in a man?

The watch.

And in a woman?

Bag and shoes.

What are the qualities that define your perfect man?

Kind and cheerful, not afraid of indipendent and strong women, a man that knows what he wants.

How can a guy draw your attention?

By being genuine and creative.

Which is your favorite spot in Milan?

Fruteiro do Brasil (a tropical juice bar).

What do you miss most about Brazil?

The joyful way of living.

Favoite food?

Sushi and everythign Asian in general.

You favorite quote?

Carpe diem.

If you want to follow Andressa’s adventures check out her Instagram and Facebook page.

Here are some pictures that we took around the office.




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