Flamant Interiors: How to Make it Cozy

I have known Flamant Interiors for a long time thanks to its close proximity to my university (and also to one of the few bars that serve ice cream and fruit together). I have always loved their cozy styling that mixes effortlessly comfort and sophistiction and make me want to just sit in the middle of the shop and make myself at home.

A couple of days ago we had a national plus local holiday and me and the sweetest one dedicated one of the days to presents shopping. Since we were nearby I took the chance to snap some shots of the beautiful courtyard and the even more spectacular white staricase of the building in front (thanks God the Keeper had a day off ) of Flamant. Of course, at that point a visit of the store was inevitable.

Can you feel the warm atmosphere from the photos?

Flamant is in Corso Magenta 10 (walking distance from MM Cadorna or Cairoli – red line).

For more info visit their website.

  • Indeed the store does have the look of a well lived-in and comfortable home!