Quick Escape in Switzerland: Lugano

Lately a thick, dense fog has been taking possession of my beloved Milan. While it does a great job for my skin which now looks more fresh and luminous than ever, I wouldn’t say that it is my favorite atmospheric phenomenon.

This week’s public holidays were the perfect occasion to escape from the city and go in search of the blue sky. After doing a very attentive metereological check of the possible destintions the choice came down to Lugano. The Swiss lake is a very popular spot for us as it is only one and a half our away from Milan.

I wouldn’t say that Lugano is a thrilling and must-see place but it has its charm that merits a short visit. Plus it sounds good to drink your afternoon coffee in another country.

We arrived around 1 pm which wasn’t a good choice as all the parkings near the city center were full and we had to leave our car near Philipp Plein’s headquarters that are 10-15 minutes walking distance from all the attractions. We enjoyed a relaxing stroll along the lakefront promenade and then explored the historic city center.

As the sun was setting, the cold wind from the lake started to penetrate through our thin jackets and we interpreted it as a sign to go back home, to the sunny Italy I would like to say, but in this season other adjectives would be more proper.