How to Dress Like an Italian

If you have ever wondered how to dress nonchalantly like an Italian woman, you can get some ideas and inspiration from my colleague Eleonora. I snapped some of her sober, yet chic, office outfits but before that, I asked her a few questions.

Tell me something about you, how did you decide to study jewelry design. Have you always known that you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

I have always loved fashion and jewelry and I could have never done anything else. I am from Biella but when I was 19 I decided to follow my dream and move to Milan so that I can explore every aspect of fashion and design. I enrolled in jewelry design course at IED (International Insitute of Design) and after completing my studies I knew that my path was oriented more towads fashion than jewelry.

Who is the designer your are dreaming to work with?

Without doubt Giambattista Valli because of his sophisticated and elegant style that recalls the luxury feel of the past.

If you had to start your own brand right now, what collection would you do?

It is difficult to answer this question but it will be related to the accessories field.

What is your favorite fabric?

I prefer natural fibers like cotton, wool and linen.

Which is the first thing you notice in a man?

The hands.

And in a woman?

I don’t have any preferences, it depends of the type of woman. However, she needs to have something special in order to impress me, and it will not necessarily be her clothing.

Which city has the best dressed women for you?

I think it is Paris, they pay attention to every detail.

We will never see you wearing?

A red dress.

How long does it take you to decide what to wear?

It dipends. In the morning I am always late and I hate getting up early, so 5 minutes are more than enough. In the weekend I could stay in front of the wardrobe even for an hour.

Which is your must-have item for this fall?

Fur stole that will make a simple coat more precious and will protect from the Milanese ice cold and a couple of flat,  high knee boots that substitute the stocking.

An item that is currently in your wish list?

The list is currently very long but considering the winter that is just around the corner I would put on the top a blue fox fur jacket – super chic.

Favorite quote?

“Free man, you will always cherish the sea!” from the poem The man and the sea by Charles Baudelaire.

Favorite place to hang out in Milan?

One of my favorite places in Milan is a very special one and is close Porta Romana, the name is Potafiori, it is an enchanting venue, elegant and creative, where it is possible to have breakfast, enjoy and aperitivo or have dinner or lunch in the middle of beautiful floral compositions with  simple and genuine cuisine.  * (if you want to know more about it check my post Potafiori: a perfect flower cafè in Milan).

If you had to spend 10.000 euros right away in which shop would you go?

Maybe at Chanel’s. I would buy a jacket that is a cult fashion item, suitable for any season. I would wear it with a jeans and blue button down shirt, super casual.

What advice would you give to the women that would like to dress the Italian style?

I would suggest to focus on the accessories. For example a statement necklace that also works as a collar. I have a thing for this kind of accessories as they are able to create an outfit by themselves. I love matching them with basic and simple looks.

So here is the practical side of how to dress like an Italian:

  • So that’s the secret! Thanks for sharing. Happy Christmas and happy new year and look forward to more great tips and posts from you.

    • Gabi

      Thank you my dear, you are so sweet. Wish you a great festive time too! Xxx

  • I agree with your friend that Paris has some of the best dressed women. They indeed pay attention to every detail, even if it looks like they don’t ;))

    • Gabi

      Looking good without trying too hard, that should be a course in the university!

  • Parisian women definitely have great chic style. Enjoyed reading this post!