Fashion Trends in Cambodia

A few days ago Khurram from Cambodia emailed me with a proposal for a guest post about the Khmer fashion trends. I was thrilled as I am always very curious to know what happens, fashionwise, on the other side of the globe. When I was in Siam Reap two years ago there were barely any shops selling something different from touristic items, so I am pleasantly surprised to discover that things are changing rapidly and that even online marketplaces exist now. I also think that this is a sign that I need to organize a trip soon and take some street style pictures 🙂

Here is Khurram overview’s on the fashion trends in Cambodia.

Everyone has a flair for fashion. People are known by the clothes they wear as it defines their style. Due to this, everyone pays great attention to what they wear and how they are able to carry it off. This universal phenomenon is present all over the world and people love it.

Cambodia is no exception to this as people in the country are very fashion conscious now. The traditional dress is known as Khmer as many people still prefer to buy it but over the years, the dressing styles have changed and many have adapted the modern trends.

Where to look for Fashion

Trends Cambodia

Whenever there is a new trend or a new fashion statement, they rush to embrace it. The fashionistas look for places where they can buy fashion clothes for women and there are many places to do so. There are many brick and mortar stores to go to where you can try out all the items. Recently, many online businesses such as Kaymu and Glad Market have started their own online shopping markets where people can easily buy all the fashion items they need. Many famous and well renowned brands have are also present in the country and people flock to get their hands on them.

The Traditional Khmer


Khmer is the traditional clothing of Cambodia. This is referred to as the style of dress worn by Cambodians from the ancient times to the present. The first element to this dress is the skirt. This is roughly one and a half meter long and is worn over the lower half of the body extending to the ankles. The shirt is known as the traditional Aor, which was made by the Khmer Empire a long time back. This is made from a thick strong fabric that is tight in nature. These are more preferred to be worn on special occasions such as weddings and get together.

The shift to Modern Clothing


Many people have shifted over to fashion clothes in Cambodia. They prefer to buy western clothes in comparison to the old traditional ones. The women opt to go for latest trends in pants such as the short straight pants, the flare pants and skinny pants. In terms of shirts, they love buying blouses and silk shirts to make them look more modern. More and more women have started wearing dresses of various lengths to blend in with the western crowds. More attention is being paid to the accessories they carry such as silk and cotton scarves, the latest handbag designs, jewelry, sunglasses and so much more. All clothes have vivid colors and beautiful patterns that make women look bold and beautiful.

For men, there are many new styles as well. They love to wear t-shirts, shorts, bermudas, jeans and much more. There are jackets and coats instead of the traditional wear to make them look more current. There are new coat styles available that can be worn on casual and formal occasions if paired with the right articles of clothing.  The fashion landscape is changing in Cambodia and everyone is ready to change with it!

  • Your article has tempted me to visit Cambodia, not for fashion, but for its own beautiful sake.

    • Gabi

      Any reason to travel is a good one:) xxx

  • I have a friend who moved to Cambodia a few years ago and from what I’ve seen from her photos – it’s a beautiful country! Lovely to find out more about it now with this post :))

    • Gabi

      I guess it is not easy to live there. When I visited it was really very basic, mostly rural I would say. I definitely want to explore it deeper.