Souq Waqif: The Charming Old Doha

Nothing fascinates me more in an Arab country than the traditional charm of a local souq. If I had only one hour to spend in Doha it would be definitely around Souq Waqif.

We went on the 1st of January so almost everything was closed but we could still experiece  the best of it. The relative calm offered us the perfect opportunity to wander and admire the picturesque surroundings.

We decided to just get lost in the maze of narrow alleyways and corridors and watch the souq unfold right in front of us, step by step.


  • I agree. Local markets are always fascinating with so much colour and character than sterile Malls.

    • Gabi

      Sacred words! The mall is always the last thing I ever visit. They are all the same.

  • Yeah! Great photos. It’s so nice to see sunny hot shots during the winter and you’ve really enjoyed as much as you could. Love the exotic rural feel of the small streets 🙂

    • Gabi

      Thank you for stopping by, darling. I try to absorb as much as sun as possible in these days. In Milan the last days of January are known as the coldest ones ?

  • Mea

    I agree with you, its very fascinating seeing the local culture of a different city