How to Marry Like an Asian

You think you have seen the most spectacular wedding decorations? Re-think it!

I consider myself an observer of the South Asian culture and here is another pattern I noticed about how (the wealthy) people in Thailand and Indonesia celebrate their big day.

If real flowers galore is the keyword then a fairy tale that comes to live is the only possible result.


If you want to get more inspiration check the designer‘s page.

  • This is the reason why I am not married yet. I am afraid of my big wedding in Malaysia 😉 It looks absolutely stunning, though

    • Gabi

      Ahaha Dennis,
      for me is exactly the contrary. Now that I saw these decorations I want to get married.
      I am curuious to know more about Malay weddings, so I am really looking forward to your first hand post on the blog 🙂

  • Mea

    This is beautiful. I love the crystals hanging from the tree

    • Gabi

      Hi Mea, they are trully stunning

  • Wow, would love to see (and photograph) such an elaborate and beautiful one

    • Gabi

      I would even partecipate ?

  • I have heard of this obsession with dimensions some people have for their wedding day.
    Although, I find it odd, as for me simplicity if the key, if that gives them joy, it’s a beautiful thing 🙂