Lunch at the Brunch Society in Yangon

Our first meal in Yangon wasn’t very local-like. After the 3+ hours ride on the circular train (more about it soon) we were looking for a restaurant which looked reasonably clean when we stumbled upon the Brunch Society. From outside it was quite appealing so we entered without hesitation.

The staff was very welcoming and most importantly their English was very good. I even asked our waiter how to say a few words in Burmese and he was kind enough to repeat them several times for me (until I got the right tone, which didn’t happen immediately).

The ambiance is also very nice. The use in the interior design of a palette of soft colours and textures makes the atmosphere warm and inviting, encouraging us to lingerfor more than what we should have.

The food choice is essential but various and I had one of the best meals in my life right there. The proposals are a blend of Western and Asian cuisines – including eggs, rice, spaghetti, salads and soups. The classic brunch dishes, are obviously included.

The only negative to some extent thing was the lack of wi-fi. Brunch Society, however, opened just a couple of months ago so this might be reason.

Brunch Society is next to Sule Pagoda and Shangri- La Hotel. It is located on Sule Pagoda Road 143. Very comfortable if you need a break from walk around the numerous colonial buildings that are around.

Check their Facebook page for the weekly menu and events.