The Incredible Desert Beaches of Myanmar

After the initial ‘surprise’ we discovered that the beautiful beaches of Myanmar actually exist. They are not as dreamy as the one ones in Thailand. Their charm consists in the fact that they are desert. No azzure, crystal clear waters. Instead, we found ourselves walking along long and wide stretches of sandy beaches, lined only with coconut palm trees, occasionaly a pagoda or a bar.

The merit of this discovery goes entirely to Instagram. When I checked the other tags for #ChaungTha (where our hotels was) I saw a few pictures of beaches that looked quite different from where we were. I took some screenshots and showed them to the staff at the reception. After the rocks they said. And after the rocks we went.

We left our flip-flops by the poolside (very bad idea when there is a walk on the rocks included) and headed towards North. It took us more than an hour to arrive at destination but it was worth every single broken shell and pointy stick that hurt our feet. The next day we were wiser and used a motorbike taxi which took us only 10 minutes, costed us less than 2 usd and if we wanted the driver could have stayed with us for 2.5 usd per hour and take us back.

Here is the landscape that was unfolding in front of us during our walk.

You can also check my Youtube video from the desert beaches that we saw here. Don’t miss the finale ;););)

  • Really beautiful pictures from this slice of paradise. Instagram can be very useful sometimes for discovering new things… Ah… where are these new technologies taking us to ;))

    Your photos really inspired me to dream of a beach holiday now xx

  • Gorgeous photos!

    xo, I

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