Fashion Trends for SS 17

I need to interrupt my Burmese chronicles with something far more urgent. Yes, you guessed, the fashion trends for SS 17.

If you like to plan ahead here are the four main themes for next year:

  • Abyss – depth as an inspiration
  • Nature and Artifice – a mosaic of real and artificial geometric landscapes
  • Africa Punk – primitive and natural urban fabric. There is no room for romantic and heavenly visions, intensity originates from the force of nature, the struggle for survival and from black, the color symbol of punk catharsis.Graphic elements are coated as if they were made of tar, to express a more metropolitan and punk concept of exoticism. Stripes are combined with ethnic prints, patterns and geometry are embossed with pointed finishing and 3D sections. Fabrics are manufactured by hot printing with studs and animal prints and fluorescent heat-welding twist to form a luminescent weft made of rough fabric and raffia.
  • Psycho Bit – a hallucinatory trip into arithmetic progression. The feeling of mental, physical and expressive freedom is the common thread of this trend. The focus is on the hologram effect prints which recall the colours of a video clip. Shading on lycra and silk is produced with inks which dissolve in water. Crochet will attain a plastic and shiny fell. Silk and synthetic organza are blended and overlapping in brighter colours and tone-sur-tone, as if to create undefined, imprecise nuances. Plissè, star of the season, interpret every colour of the rainbow.

It was the first time that I saw so many innovative fabrics at Milano Unica (the top-end textile-accessories Trade Show). Hopefully the buyers will buy loads of them otherwise I will have to become a designer. However, one thing is sure: I am already in love with the fashion trends for SS 17!