Amazing Chaung Tha Resort: Our Stay

During our beach days in Myanmar we stayed at Amazing Chaung Tha Resort. It is right in the heart of the village, close to the shopping area and to many local restaurants. (No ATMs or banks, don’t forget it).

While we were approaching towards the hotel, on a dusty and quite primitive road, surrounded by very basic buildings, I was wondering whether the resort will look as in the pictures or it was all a massive photoshop scam.

Luckily, it was all true. A lush tropical garden greeted us. We were just a few meters from the sun-drenched sands and I could already feel the breath of the Bay of Bengal. The friendly staff welcomed us warmly and we checked-in immediately, even though we arrived an hour earlier. We were also offered a welcome drink while waiting for our passports to be copied. The drink consisted of a concentrated orange (color) juice which I sure didn’t even try but it was a nice gesture from their side.

The room was very spacious with a nice garden view. I didn’t take many photos of the interiors because, honestly, it gave me the sensation of something not extremely clean. But it may have been due to the fact that it just needed a renovation.

The gardens, on the contrary, were superb. The vibrant colors and the swing seats nestled in among the plants made them our favorite spot for reading and sunset watching.

Amazing Chaung Tha is very popular with Chinese tourists which meant that our dinners by the pool were accompanied by a loud Chinese music, performed by local guys. On the bright side, we learned by heart the melody (and some words) of all the latest hits. Should we have wanted to remain there and earn our daily rise singing we could have done it successfully.

On a final note: would I recommend Amazing Chaung Tha Resort? Yes. And not just because there aren’t any other nice options in the area.

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Check my  Youtube video from the palm-shaded garden and feel the atmosphere of the place.

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