Cool Places in Yangon: Craft Cafe

I discovered that I am not the traveller I believed I was. Even though I love to immerge myself into the local culture and try to live as the locals do, I also need the comforts of the Western world. When I stumbled upon Craft cafe I somehow felt more at home in Yangon.

It’s a brand new venue conveniently located very close to Bogyoke market (more about it in the next posts). I was exploring the area when I saw its come-enter wide open windows. I had just had a matcha latte and a cake in another place nearby but I didn’t hesitate to check this one too. Seize the moment, right?

I chose a refreshing watermelon drink and took a sit near the window so that I could watch the burmese life go on. I also noticed that Craft cafe is very popular with local expat connoisseurs who work on their MacBooks, taking advantage of the good wi-fi connection.

I liked the laid-back feel so much that I went there two times in my last three days in Yangon. I would have visited once more if an unexpected food poisoning hadn’t occured but as we all know #shi*happens.

On a final note, if you are looking for a hipster fix in Yangon where you can chill-out in a cool but quiet atmosphere, don’t miss this one.

Craft Cafe is at 33, Corner Of Nawaday Street, Bo Yar Nyunt Road. Bo Yar Nyunt Road is right behind Bogyoke market, you need to cross the railway overpass and then walk for 3-5 minutes. It will be on your left.