Shan Food in Yangon: Shan Yoe Yar Restaurant

After the sweetest one left for Milan I decided to dedicate my remaining time in Yangon to exploring more deeply the local cuisine. An intense Instagram research led me to Shan Yoe Yar restaurant which, as the name correctly suggests, is focused on food from the Shan region. It was close to my hotel so I decided to give it a try.

I went around 11 am since for that day I had scheduled two lunches (I was running out of time to try everything I wanted). There were still people having breakfast but luckily the staff didn’t mind preparing a lunch even if it was still quite early.

The menu is very wide and big enough to satisfy even the most capricious palates. It took me a while to read everything and at the end I chose the vegetarian set menu plus grilled aubergines (a recipe the Burmese have definitely stolen from the Bulgarian cuisine ;)).

I was satisfied with my dishes, coriander excluded. Everything was freshly made and tasty. The prices are a little bit upmarket compared to the average local fares but it’s by no means expensive, considering that it’s one of the upscale venues in town.

If you are looking for nice food experience and reliable wi-fi in Yangon definitely pay a visit to Shan Yoe Yar restaurant.

It’s located on 169, War Tan Street, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.

There is no sign in English but Google maps worked perfectly for me that time.

It’s always better to book in advance for lunch and dinner as the place is very popular with business people, expats, tourists and locals and sometimes there is even a queue to enter.

  • Wow… so funny that you actually had two lunches – where did you put all that?!??!
    I mus admit though – this vegetarian food looks amazing. So fresh and I’m sure it was also full of flavours 🙂

    • Gabi

      it’s common for me to eat more times than usual when I travel, also when I go back to BG. That’s why they say that the calmest waters are the deepest 😀