Fragonard Milano: More than just an olfactory experience

There are places which existence I can’t ignore. One of them is Fragonard boutique in the Brera district in Milan.

A few days ago I was heading for a photoshoot when something very appealing appeared in front of me – a colorful shop window addorned with little bottles, irises and watercolours.

There a few things that are able to stop me and one of them is flowers. So I didn’t have a choice. I had to enter in a discover more.

I found out that Fragonard is a French perfumery house from Grasse, in the south of France and they make their products in their own factory.

But this is not everything. In their boutiques they also showcase a range of clothing, accessories and decorative items picked from all around the world. I saw a dress from India, chair from Pakistan and vibrant pochettes from Latin America.

I heard that in May they will host an event to celebrate a new perfume inspired by the scents of Mexico. And I am definitely not going to miss it.

Fragonard is in Solferino Str, 2, in Brera District. Closest metro station Lanza (green line).