Street Food in Yangon

As soon as I booked the ticket to Yangon I started imagining myself getting fatter and fatter every day, thanks to a full immersion into the local street food. But as I arrived in the country of thousand pagodas I realized that this won’t be the case.

The main reason was that to me the street food in Yangon didn’t seem appetizing at all. Actually it looked like the fastest gateway to being sick with all the flies roaming everywhere and people touching food, money and other unmentionable things as if there was no tomorrow.

However, I tried the bbq fish and seafood at the famous 19th street and also several salads because I really can’t live without raw vegetables. Everything was fine until I didn’t break one of the most important rule travellers live by – no water and no ice. Besides, in Bangkok I used to have plenty of both on a daily bases and nothing ever happened.

So how could I ignore the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and the locally produced yogurt served with ice and something sweet that I can’t define? I couldn’t. I tried them one after the other. They costed me only $ 1 and three days with a fever and other unpleasant symptoms of food poisoning.

For the rest of my days in Yangon the only street drink that I dared to get close to was the coconut water. I know, I had to make compromises.

Here is a very brief overview on the street food in Yangon. Do you see something you would like to try?