Quick Walk Around Arona on Lake Maggiore

Living in Italy spoils me. When I go to places that are not beautiful beyond words I get disappointed.

This is exactly what happened two weeks ago when the sweetest one had a football game and I decided to wait for him somewhere on Lake Maggiore. I chose Arona.

I was imagining a relaxing afternoon and even took with me a book and my panama hat to protect me from the hot sun.

No worst decision has ever been made. As soon as I hopped of the train I realized that a double cashmere coat, hat and glooves were needed. Reading by the lake wasn’t part of the plan anymore.

I spent the next hour exploring Arona and trying to take some pictures with my trembling hands. Actually this was the first time I took so few pictures when I visit a city for the first time.

Arona is a nice town if you don’t compare it to its richer relatives, like Stresa or Como. If you have to choose one lake city to visit that is easily reachable from Milan, Arona definitely shouldn’t be your firat choice.