Caffè Arione in Cuneo: Chic & Baroque

Delicious croissants and patisserie served in an elegant baroque setting with marble floor, venetian chairs and mirrors. And if this doesn’t sound tempting enough let me add that at Cafè Arione you can find the best cuneesi ever.

Actually it was the Arione family who invented this delicious artisan made chocolate truffles with a soft heart, traditionally filled with rhum. Now they are renowned all over the world but it is quite difficult to find them as their production can’t be industrialized. My guess is that the cuneesi can’t make it to the border thanks to tourists like us who buy several kgs every time.

I wish I could show you some photos of these delightful chocolates but unfortunately I already ate them all. On the other hand I have some snaps of our visit at the historic Cafè Arione. We went right after their afternoon break which is the reason why it was possible to take some pictures. Soon after it got as busy as the underground in Beijing during rush hour.