Caftanii Firenze: The Understatement Luxury

A couple of weeks ago I attended an event in Milan where Italian niche designers were showing off their work. There were a couple of brands that inevitably got my attention. One of them is Caftanii Firenze.

They do luxurious kaftans made with the finest fabrics like bio cotton, silk and wool. Each piece has a long story of craftamanship behind it as all the precious robes are gently hand sewed and singularly produced by the best Florentine tailors.

The style itself is low-key with plain and neutral designs . Nevertheless, as soon as I saw them from a distance I could  immediately feel the subtle luxury and sophistication that transpired from each dress. As I got closer and touched them all my doubts vanished – these kaftans are the ultimate must have for anyone who wants to look glamorous and feel comfortable.

Here is a glimpse into Caftanii Firenze’s world.

Check also their amazing website.