Yangon Street Style: How to Dress Like a Burmese Man

I know that one of the major concerns of many guys out there is how to dress like a Burmese men. But no worries, here is my quick guide on how to achieve the look.

  • wear a skirt – ok, it’s called longyi and is a sheet of cloth tied around the waist and it runs all the way down to the ankles. It allows the air to circulate and keeps the wearer fresh in the hot tropical weather. I would suggest to excercise with the knot before you wear it as the risk to accidentally remain in your underware is substantial. Also consider that the longyi is the traditional cloth for both men and women but the patterns are completely different. The sweetest one bought one in a bold green color with some flowers here and there that were perfectly matching his shoes and everyone (and I really mean everyone) was pointing and laughing at him. I guess this is part of the life of the trendsetter ;).
  • pair it with a shirt, or even a t-shirt – in most cases the Burmese men match their longyi with a button down shirt with short or long sleeves, in neutral colors.
  • get a pair of flip-flops – the all time favorite shoe option in any tropical country
  • finish the look with a crossbody bag – many guys still wear the traditional, artisan made crossbody bag that you can easily find anywhere around Myanmar. Unfortuntely I don’t have any photographic evidence of it so you will have to trust my word.
  • be a gentleman – and always keep with you an umbrella so that you can protect from the sun the tender skin of your lady.

Here is some style inspiration directly from the streets of Yangon.

  • VeganWorld-Traveller

    Finally!! I was hoping you would give some advice on how to dress like a Burmese man 🙂 Thank you Gabi! On a more serious note, great post 🙂 I didn’t know about the longyi. A very interesting read…as usual

    • Gabi

      Dennis! I know it was of a vital importance for you to know it! Should you need any other tips on how to dress like a Pnajabi man or a North Korean, for example, don’t hesitate to ask! :D:D:D