How to Dazzle in a Dress on the Casino Floor

Hello my dear WordPress friends. Here is a  post written  by a Louise Turner who shares some tips on how to dress at the casino. This makes me think that soon I will have to dedicate an article focused on the men’s wear too, parity, you know :).


Women always want to look the best at all times, especially when spending an evening out at a casino.

While most film depictions of casinos show patrons in glamourous dress, many casinos today actually do

not have a dress code. So whether a woman plans to visit a casino with a dress code or without, these

tips can help her look her best.

For those casinos that are a bit more high class, short cocktail length dresses are an excellent pick.

Of course, that could also include the always in vogue little black dress. Footwear should be

stylish as well. Avoid casual looking shoes and while they may look smashing with the dress,

heels may be reconsidered especially if you will be doing a lot of walking around the casino.

Lower heels or dressy flats may be a better option and can still conform to the dress

requirement of the casino.

If the casino doesn’t have a dress code, then remember you should still dress well and avoid

looking cheap and tacky. Your appearance will be received better by casino staff and may

provide you with better treatment. Casual slacks can be an option but dressing as if you were

playing online casino on sites such as from your sofa or bed isn’t

encouraged. This can include cotton, corduroy or chinos. Jeans are also an option. However,

keep in mind they should be in good condition. Also, ideally darker jeans are a better bet

instead of acid wash styles. Certain items should never be worn to a casino such as t-shirts,

sweats, flip-flops and tank tops.

While this is a guide to what can be worn at different style casinos, the most reliable way to

know exactly what to wear is to consult the specific venue you will be attending. If it

doesn’t have specific guidelines for attire, then instead opt for some of the tips mentioned in

this article.