The Low Key Luxury of Gambari Milano

Last week I was doing one of my favorite activities. I was out with my bike and decided to browse the little streets behind Corso Venezia. It is one of the most beautiful area in town, with awe-inspiring buildings, pool villas and pink flamingos here and there.

I know the neighbourhood quite well, nevertheless, I spotted a showroom I had never seen before. It caught my attention with some beautiful bags that were screaming my name behind the shop window.

I rang the bell and was welcomed inside by Mr Gambari, an architect with a passion for design who has turned his long-time dream into reality. Of course I knew this only after a short talk.

He walked me through the collection and explained me the phylosophy behind his brand. His aim was to create a a product, a style, full of Milano. Pieces that are alluring and elegant as only Milan can be.

It took him one year to find the right artisans who were able to bring his vision into existence. I looked closely at the creations. As someone who works in the luxury goods industry I have a very critical eye. I saw excellence, in every detail, the innovative hardware, the flawless stitches. I was amazed by the quality and the chic feel that every bag gave me.

It rarely happens to me to stumble upon such a luxurious niche brand and when I do I get really excited. The best is really yet to come and it’s out there, waiting to be discovered.

If you want to know more about Gambari Milano check their website.

Gambari Milano is in Vivaio 14, street. Close to Palestro (red line metro stop) plus five minutes walking.

P.S. The brand also features some jewelry pieces, but this is another story.


  • Sunita Rajwade

    Your posts always leave me feeling happy. I love bags too and was thrilled to see such lovely creations. Keats was right when he said a thing of beauty is a joy forever

    • Gabi

      Wow thank you, Sunita! Your words make me very happy. Love this quote, totally true. Seinding you a lot of kisses.