The Colorful Town of Santa Margherita Ligure

It was very difficult for me and for the sweetest one to wake up last Sunday. We were supposed to spend the day at the seaside but when the allarm clock rang all we wanted to do was to ignore it. The weather outside wasn’t inviting either. Cloudy with probability of precipitations is not exactly the type of climate that makes me want to jump out of the bed. An hour later I asked the game-changing question, shall we be lazy and keep rolling under the covers or get out and enjoy some potentially fresh air on the beach.

Two hours later we were at Recco, a small town, overlooking the sea, famous for it’s cheese focaccia baked in an oven. It’s the only focaccia I like and sometimes we even go there just to eat this local delicacy. Apart from that, there is nothing particularly charming in Recco so we did a quick walk around beach and then headed to the nearby Santa Margherita Ligure.

The place is popular with well-to-do Italians who love to spend their weekends in town and enjoy some relaxing boat days or a stroll along the boutique-lined streets. It’s also only 3 kms away from the world famous Portofino, a meeting point for the super rich, and where by the way, I feel totally at home 😀

However, this time we settled for less and spent the whole day in Santa Margherita Ligure between beach, gelatos and some fish delicacies we tried for dinner.

Here are some photos from this sunny (contrary to the forecast) day. By the way it is a common thought that people from Liguria (the region of Recco and Santa Margherita Ligure) are greedy. This explains why the buldings are decorated with painted windows and other ornaments rather than making them for real.

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  • Love the photos! You’re such a gorgeous happy couple :))
    Such a joy to explore small towns and finding beautiful view.